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As a fellow member of His Invitation Ministry, you will benefit by sharing brotherly love and knowing that you are accomplishing God's will; when life gets you down you receive, when life blessings come your way, you give.

Jesus said in John 13:35.  "By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another."

How do we accomplish this? 

1.  Actively seek to hold one another up by proactively showing interest in each others lives.   

2.  Practice giving each other The Lord's Supper on a regular basis to remind us of Christ's love.

3.  Gather together for fun & fellowship.

4.  Actively seek and then invite the lost to come into fellowship with God and membership in our ministry.

The monthly cost of membership is $30.00.   The membership funds help pay for salaries, computers, transportation & travel expenses, paper, ink and postage, etc.  Your contributions are credited by our LORD to your Heavenly account and our eternal gratitude. 


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