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Statement Of Faith
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Truth is outside of us until we take it into us and abide in it.
  Some people would call that "walking the walk."
WARNING, times up!

Proverbs 1:7  The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, fools despise wisdom and instruction.

God warned Adam and Eve, God warned the Israelites when he brought them out of Egypt, God warned all the people of the earth against cursing Israel, and God has shown patience and mercy throughout the history of mankind.  However, there is a "times-up" delivered to everyone who does not repent (change course.)  Judgement has come.


Man inherently desires a fuller longer life and searches for it.  People living in the remotest parts of the earth and , separated from other civilizations by both time and distance, have thoughts and concepts about an afterlife.  Only God truly knows what is in the heart of any of us but God's existence is evident in nature itself and though there are many "belief's", only one truth.


Before God caused the chaos of languages at the tower of Babel, all mankind had heard about their distant relatives, Adam and Eve.  Each separate language group then migrated to different parts of the planet but they still retained the knowledge of creation.   However, over time the message became corrupted and so too His will in the world..  Furthermore, there are stories of a common great flood in groups who never had contact with one another after Babel occurred. 


God had promised Adam and Eve a savior when He purposely banned them from the Garden of Eden.  At the proper time in history, God chose Abraham to begin over and bring a "new" Adam into the world and his name would be called Jesus.  Jesus would succeed where Adam failed; to resist the Devil and obey God.   No government made by men, no political party with good intentions, and no one man born of a woman will eventually rule and reign except Jesus.


We accept the Apostles Creed & the Nicene Creed as good foundational doctrine (teaching), however, the Bible interprets itself because God says that he breathed His Holy Word into Holy men of God..  Any creed or apologetic (argument) or novel written about religious matters are manmade and must not add or detract from the Holy Word itself.


We believe that what the Bible teaches us about our origins, our hearts, and our need for God and is the only truth and that same Bible points us to Jesus as our answer to having life ever after.   The Bible is unfailing in that regard and we further believe it is our creators word of truth, knowledge and the manner in which we are to treat God and our fellow man.
There is one God and he relates to us in three distinct persons, as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  He says they are one in purpose and we believe that is true and we further believe our capacity to understand this is limited by our intellect.  Therefore, we must accept it in faith alone.  God is a Father of grace and reaches out to us despite our undeserving selves and He faithfully fulfills His prophecy's (predictions of the future), time and again.  God sees the end from the beginning which proves he is the one true God.
Failing to trust what God told them, Adam and Eve destroyed their spiritual link to God by not showing faith to trust and obey Him for their own safety (salvation) and therefore God had a plan to rescue (redeem) them because He is faithful and loves us.
We must be made aware of  the fact of our fallen condition and humble ourselves to come to respect our Fathers word alone as enough reason to act according to His wishes.  It's sort of like being lost in a forest and fearing permanent death and separation from the source of life and love.  If evil does not exist then what else explains murder and wars and other negative behavior by man?
Anyone who calls on the name of Jesus is sent His Spirit to lead us and reconnect us to the Father.  Just as a wire connects us to electrical power, just as a modem connects us to the Internet, just as laws connect us to justice, faith and God's grace miraculously saves us.  The Bible says that "faith" comes by hearing and hearing by the "Word" of God.
We must be led to this truth and accept it or not.  God invites us, God does not compel us.  Failure to accept His solution  has everlasting consequences and those who reject Him have only themselves to blame. 
Everyone who wants God must say so out loud and then learn how to trust Him by study and application of the truths in God's word to us, the written word we call the Bible.   This then sets up a conflict within us between our old habits (the lusts of the flesh) and our new nature (God's indwelling Spirit) for supremacy in our daily living.   We crucify our old nature by renewing our "minds" via the Holy Word.   As scripture reminds us, by their fruit you will know them... either we exhibit the nature of Jesus or Satan.
Because we at "His Invitation" find the answer to our needs in Christ, we will want others to find him as well.  At His Invitation, you can share your good news with others and it is in that sharing we accomplish the "Great Commission" Jesus gave us on the day of his ascension to heaven; to go into all the world and spread that gospel (truth).  We acknowledge that the battle, the victory, and the glory, all belong to our God.  Amen.

Responsibility of parents and guardians

Finally, let me add a personal observation about child rearing and teaching truth.  Without agreement between hundreds of  religions about God and truth and because of the short length of life and how poorly mankind passes wisdom along to their offspring, it seems that every generation must rethink and decipher what those before them have written and believe.   In other words, if you are born into a family of Christians you will be influenced by them, if you are born into a Jewish family you will be influenced by them, if you are born into a Muslim family you will be influenced by them.  Therefore Jesus said that his sheep hear his voice and follow him whether they be Christian, Jewish, Muslim, or one of countless other religions.
The voracity of the truth or falsehood of their individual interpretations must be constantly re-tested and the truth gleaned from it, generation to generation.   In other words, we will all be held personally responsible for our beliefs and behavior and personally accountable for everything that we say..  Some nationalities are more open to debate than others but Satan is uncompromising in his goals to bring man down.  Vigilance means that wars sometimes are fought to restrain that evil when it manifests itself in a person or government.   That is why God tells us to live at peace with one another as much as possible but to always resist the Devil, our adversary.



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